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Rubber Crumb Driveways


Rubber Crumb Drives In Somerset

Are the latest, trendiest & longest lasting of all the driveways, they are also the most eco friendliest using recycled rubber tyres, the cost is also comparable to other driveways, if you are looking for Rubber Crumb Drives in Somerset call or email us for a FREE no obligation quotation. 10 yr Guarantee

Rubber crumb are a new trend in the construction industry that developers are happy to use. Rubber crumb driveways are made from recycled tyre granules. This method of construction is not a new invention. It was used on running tracks in Europe a little over 75 years ago and has now made a comeback. Rubber crumb paving, of course, has gone through vigorous refining since then to make it more efficient for a more developed world.


Where can you install rubber crumb driveways?

Leading construction experts recommend them for various areas. These include; driveways, children play area, school sports area, athletic tracks, tennis/basketball courts, boat deck surfaces and garden paths among others.

What are some the advantages you get from Rubber Crumb Drives ? Here are some of the advantages you might get from having Rubber Crumb Drives in Somerset


1. They are eco-friendly

Rubber crumb driveways help in tackling the problem of tyre disposal. The tyres are turned into granules which are used as a component in the making of the driveway. The use of rubber crumb driveways also decreases the need to use asphalt which is far more destructive to the environment and has a severe effect on human health. Rubber Crumb Drives in Somerset

2. Cost

Rubber Crumb Drives in Somerset are a cheaper alternative for driveway construction. Designed in a way that they can be laid over an existing surface, they are significantly cheaper to install. Rubber driveway cost is cheapest in cases where there is an existing stable base. In such a case only a 20mm thick layer of rubber crumb will be installed over the existing surface.

3. Durability

Rubber Crumb Drives when finished have high resistance to rust, the effect of salt and oil and also to cracking. Once laid the material fuses into one tough block that lasts a very long time without erosion. If you have problems on sloping driveways where your vehicle or you keep on slipping, Rubber Crumb Driveway is here for you. The rubber component in the mixture makes the driveway firm and improves grip to avoid unintentional burning of rubber as you skid. With the anti-slip quality, you can rest assured that the incidents of slip and fall by kids when playing on the driveway will be reduced significantly.

4. Setting/laying

Rubber Crumb Drives in SomersetLaying the rubber driveway is a simple job. First, you need to prepare the base. In cases where there is an existing firm material like concrete or tarmac, no much preparation is required before setting. In the case that no suitable base material is set then excavation and backfill to required height is necessary. When it comes to mixing the various components, the instructions are simple and clear. Your local supplier will provide you with the procedure to mix and the ratios required to get the best result.

Some other aspects that we get from rubber crumb driveways include;

• Wide range of colors to choose from
• Usable in all weather
• Fast draining
• Vandal resistant

Looking at all these qualities portrayed by rubber crumb driveways, it is clear that it has some significant advantages over asphalt and concrete driveways. If you are thinking of constructing a driveway or just making repairs consider using rubber crumb driveways and enjoy the numerous advantages it offers. If you are looking for Rubber Crumb Drives installers in Somerset please fill in the form and we will give you a FREE no obligation quotation.

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