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Block Paved Driveways are becoming one of the most preferred designs for any area that aims for that homely feel. They have come a long way, considering the fact that there was a time you would actually think twice on the most suitable place to park your car. These days, most car owners are spoilt for choices when it comes to Block Paved Driveways in Cheshire. This is because there is a wide array of designs to select from to suit your tasteBlock Paved Driveways In Cheshire and preference. There is something about Block Paved Driveways that just make you want to pull over and park your car even if you were not planning to. The blocks are just so inviting especially to the wheels on your car. The sight of it just makes you want drive over and let your car have a taste of how it feels to ride on the blocks. What we must bear in mind is that they have pros along with cons. This article shall shed some light on both for you to be the judge on whether you would prefer to have them outside your building.


Pros of Block Paved Drives.

1. It requires low maintenance practices. The cleaning aspect of it all will delightfully surprise you, all you need is just soap and water. You don’t need to consult an expert to advice you on how to take care of your Block Paved Driveways in Cheshire. That’s not all, you don’t have to wash your driveway every single day of the week for you to maintain its clean appearance. You can opt for washing it either once or twice a week and then sweeping it clean the rest of the other days. How easy can that get?

2. They are versatile. As mentioned earlier, Block Paved Driveways should be able to show you that they come in a variety of designs for you to choose from. You can even design one for yourself and call the contractors to bring your creativity to life. These blocks are made out of different colours, shapes and sizes so it is all up to you to visualise, then activate your dream Block Paved Driveways.

3. They add aesthetic value to your compound. Once they are arranged neatly on the ground and assume a delightful type of pattern, your kids will not get enough of playing on your driveway. After a long hard day, nothing calms the mind more than pulling over into a beautiful block paved driveway. The sight of it just makes you forget about the tiresome and stressful day you may have had at work.

4. It is in line with all the seasons of nature. Block Paved Driveways in Cheshire are friendly to the environment and don’t cause any kind of friction with any of the elements of weather. On a rainy day, the water from the rain Block Paved Driveways In Cheshirewill do nothing more than clean the blocks on your driveway. What’s more, the rain water will not stagnate and cause serious damage to living things including yourself. In the event of a sunny weather, the block paved driveways are even more attractive and will cause the birds to chirp merrily.

5. They last long once their construction begins. Block Paved Driveways are durable and can withstand any kind of season, or even the spillage of harsh chemicals. They have been known to withstand pressure especially from roaring engines, which is why most companies and industrial areas settle for them.


Cons of Block Paved Driveways

1. They are expensive. As much as they are so beautiful to behold, Block Paved Driveways are so costly to construct. When you add the costs involved in the purchase of blocks, the machinery hired for this kind of job and of course the contractors hired to oversee the timely and efficient completion of the job, it might just break your bank account.

2. They take up so much time before their completion. Even with the help of useful and state-of -the-art machinery, there are some procedures to be followed that take time. For instance, once the blocks are laid on the ground, they need ample time for them to come out perfectly. Before they are laid on the ground, some wet and sticky substance is applied to help make it stable and concrete, which is where the time factor is mostly considered.

3.They are not just constructed on the compound of any kind of building. Before the construction work begins, a thorough research and survey has to be done on whether the block paved driveways will match the design of the building or house. Careful steps and meticulous research have to be carried out before any drastic measures are taken. The con comes to life especially when you would really love to have these blocks on your compound but you just wouldn’t because you don’t meet the criteria needed for you to go ahead and have them placed on your driveway.Block paving in {flood}

4. Block Paved Driveways only work for the spacious areas. The tiny ones are not considered for this kind of project as it would only be a waste of time and resources for those looking to bring this kind of look home.

5. Over a given period of time, weeds and moss can begin growing due to the settling of airborne seeds in the sand between the blocks. They are not so pleasant to behold and so they need to be regularly cleaned up to avoid further growth. Pulling out the weeds and moss is such a tedious and tiresome process especially when they are deep rooted and you have to put so much effort when pulling them out.

As mentioned earlier, Block Paved Driveways have come a long way for them to finally transition into what they are today. They are in use worldwide and still remain because they have withstood the test of time. Only time will tell whether they still have another series of rigorous processes that they have to go through and actually emerge as something that we will soon hardly recognise. As a matter of fact, we have to be prepared and know what to expect from block paved driveways now that technology is slowly finding its way to the top.

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